Quality Policy

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At Irish Oxygen Company Limited we believe in delivering only the best products to our customer every time.

We place our customer's needs first. Customer satisfaction is the most important goal in our operation and is second only to matters of safety.

It is our policy to regularly deliver within hours of receiving orders and customers should rarely wait more than a day. We try to understand our customer's operations and needs and forecast when they will need supplies and arrange to call them before they call us.

All our staff are trained to believe that the customer's needs come first before all other considerations except safety.

The management of Irish Oxygen Ltd. have a commitment to:

  • Endeavour to reach 100% customer on-time delivery.
  • Always maintain the complaints level below 0.5%. To be reviewed regularly.
  • Continuously amend the administration and plant documentation to conform to a consistent format easy to follow.
  • Improve and be update on training schedules and records.
  • Maintain all equipment to a high standard and keep accurate records in the maintenance logs.
  • We will give the necessary resources to maintain this system.
  • We operate a Quality System which conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.

    Top Management regularly reviews its objectives and its policies.

    Finbar Constant
    Managing Director

    22nd October 2018

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