Cylinder Sizes

Irish Oxygen gases come in cylinders of various sizes and manifolded cylinder pallets.

Standard cylinders are normally 40 to 50 litre capacity and contain 7 to 11 cubic metres (depending on the gas and fill pressure) of gas at standard temperature and pressure.

Our “Miniweld” range consists of small 10 litre cylinders which are used for applications where larger cylinders cannot be used or where, for safety reasons, only a small quantity of gas is required. These are also ideal for the small or DIY user.

Manifolded Cylinder Pallets (MCP) are steel pallets with 14 to 18 cylinders permanently connected together through a single outlet. These are for use where larger quantities of gas are needed without the necessity of changing cylinders frequently. MCP’s are generally handled with a fork lift truck.

Most common product and cylinder sizes:

Product Standard Cylinder Miniweld Cylinder Manifolded Pallet
Acetylene 7-11 m3 1.13 m3 108 m3
Argon 8-10 m3 1.40 m3 112 m3
Carbon Dioxide 34 kg 6.50 kg N/A
Helium 10 m3 1.20 m3 140 m3
Hydrogen 7.5 m3 1.40 m3 N/A
Nitrogen 6.5-11 m3 1.25 m3 98 m3
Oxygen 7 m3 1.50 m3 105 m3
Weldshield 8-11 m3 1.40 m3 154 m3

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